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One Community with 274+ partners and 200,000+ members across East Africa

01. Unite

UNISCOO was founded and registered in March 2011 under the societies act by Jed, in the company of a few intelligent friends. Our membership has increased overtime to cover a student base of 200,000+ members from East Africa. We are working to ensure that all students in Africa have a representation in UNISCOO and that all their needs are easily addressed through this platform. So far UNISCOO has been involved in identifiable success stories.

02. Empower

We seek to empower students in all territory institutions in Kenya. It is a core objective of carving out a niche for students' interaction with the society, as a fortress of enlightment; as the workers of the future; as the formers of the incoming generation and to prepare them for leadership roles in the society. UNISCOO's main goal is to make students aware of the various programs in the organization from which they and the society at large can benefit.

03. Inspire

We have different membership plans to inspire and make your experience beautiful as it should be. The basic membership plan is the free account which is guaranteed to every registered member. The second plan is at Ksh. 1,000 with the next one at Ksh. 2,500. Learn more about membership to UNISCOO

Who are we?

UNISCOO is the acronym for University Students Community Organization, which is a student society that works to bridge the gap between the corporate and the higher learning institutions. We offer programs and services that not only sharpen the skills of a youth, but also readies them for hire or into entrepreneurship.


UNISCOO was founded in 2011 by the team honcho Mr. Jed Ondiko, in the company of a few other young people. This was following the huge problem that was very eminent at the time, where students completed their undergraduate education and tarmacked for more than a year to finally get something small to cling on.

Membership base

We have a membership base that is strong in Kenya, but has grown through East Africa. Our database is of 200,000+ student members and over 275 corporate partners. This is not all though; we are still growing.

Why Join Us

The Benefits of Being Part of Uniscoo

01. Share knowledge

There are a lot of people that would like to hear your perspective about so many things. Be the one to share your story.

02. Keep Learning

People think differently than you. You must be able to listen and read their stories, then you can learn more on how to make yours a better story

03. Grow your network

This is an opportunity to join the most intelligent social learning network where people think both like you and different from you.

Join Our Successful Community

Choose Your Plan

Silver Plan
KSh. 0

This Plan Include Access to Website Current Affairs, Participating in Student Affiliated Events in Constituent Learning Institutions

  • Access to website and social media pages
  • News headlines, current affairs & events
  • Professionalism by being a member of a recognized student community body
  • Participating in student affiliated events in constituent learning institutions
  • Join SQOO Ambassadors and Volunteer Program
Gold Plan

This Plan Include Opportunity to participate in SQOO awards through nomination, attending and/or voting. Reports on attended and Affairs,

  • Limited training sessions
  • Limited invitation to networking events
  • Access to SCQO magazine UNISCOO e-news bulletin
  • Involvement in student-affiliated events
  • Membership in the wider UNISCOO community in Kenya and other nations in Africa
Advanced Plan

This Plan Include Networking Events to Broaden Student Networks, Training sessions, Focus group meetings, News briefs and Event Reports

  • Access to UNISCOO funds
  • Job and internship postings
  • Brand exposure for prospective entrepreneurs and visibility of brand
  • Discounts, offers and freebies from products and services by partners.
  • SQOO magazine access and feature writing

Best Programs For Students

Satisfy Your Career Needs

Product Offers

We have 275+ partners that are always increasing by the day who are super excited to give discounts and offers to our members. All what you need is someone to link you up ...

Career Opportunities

You only know your abilities when put up to task. Get a chance to grow in your career by being employable and even sharpened as an entrepreneur ...


We need a helping hand every once in a while in order to be the best of what we already know we are. Be a premium member and enjoy some scholarship opportunities just for you ...


Students deserves a chance to sharpen their skills and prove their worth. Our team works to ensure that internships are created for you with different services to guide you into excelling in the work place ...


You do not want to be left behind on what people at your age are doing. Enlarge your own by being part of a community aggressive on events. Attend valuable events and have a command within your circles ...

Knowledge Wear

Do you know that you are a network that someone needs? A knowledge gap that one wants to bridge? There is a lot of knowledge in the hands of students. Link up with them and get to know better the outside world ...

Internship offers

It is the efforts of the student to perform and deliver that guarantees them an internship and not necessarily us. All we offer is an opportunity for a student to secure the internship. We offer two types of internships.

  1. The first type is the short-term internship that runs within 1 day to a week. These types of internships are structured in a way to increase students' experience in various skill-set categories. They can be in different fields and we encourage all students to actively participate in them.
  2. The second type is the long-term internship which runs within at least 3 months to at most six months. These internships are very effective for completion of education program i.e. attachment, and for fresh graduates to solid their skills in preparation for career growth.

NOTE: Both types of internships are offered by us in partnership with our support partners. This means you can intern with us as UNISCOO or we can refer you to our corporate partners for the same. To apply and be part of this program, register as a paid member now. Terms and Conditions apply

Career advisory

Are you certain that you are on the right career path? Are you just studying to complete your degree or diploma course, or are you enjoying it? Find your true passion by shaking hands with mentors to inspire you as well as brushing shoulders with the big wigs in your industry. Other Career services are mentorship program, mock interviews, job shadows, internships, jobs, among others

Career fairs

we engage in different career fairs organized in different institutions to mobilize students in focusing their attention full force towards achieving their career goals.

Peace ambassadors

UNISCOO serves as the peacemaker anchor for student sand youths in general, by creating and raising a well-cultured community of young people championing service informed by love. Peace is love and therefore we have an agenda of promoting love within and even outside the student community. This programme is part of the larger UNISCOO ambassador/volunteers programme that recruits members of UNISCOO to represent the diversified ethnic groups and cultures across the 47 counties and other East African nations. Ideally, UNISCOO Peace Ambassadors programme is grounded on UNISCOO peace principles that guide the activities by the peace ambassadors:

  1. Promoting reconciliation
  2. Diversity is strength
  3. Man for man; being our brother's keepers
  4. Collaboration and cooperation beyond ethnic boundaries
  5. Harmony and cohesion

Our primary focus is centered on:

  1. Youth and Service
  2. Encouraging and educating young people on the essence of service in the community through involving them in peace activities.

  3. Peace education
  4. To increase awareness on the necessity and urgency for peace to beat corruption, tribalism, and nepotism, among others, in an aim to reduce war.

  5. Student empowerment
  6. To focus on transforming student mindset so that they do not fall bait of schemes that poison and inform their decisions. This will ensure the rise of a people that seek after peace and are informed by love for humanity and service.

What is UNISCOO peace community?

This is a group of young people channeling their efforts towards bridging the gap between the youth and the community by offering opportunities to participate in peacebuilding activities.

Tech ambassadors

This programme caters for the technology facet of career life, so that young students are able to properly represent any technological advancements realized in Africa, while learning on the same. Our primary focus for technology as a facet is centered on student empowerment - to focus on transforming student mindset so that they use technology for gains and not ills. This means that there will be a transformation among young people, embracing the need for technology, with the help of our tech-oriented partners. Some Tech Activities are:

  1. Article writing to be showcased on our website
  2. One on one interactions with others to share information
  3. Tech interactive sessions
  4. Trainings and workshops on technology
  5. Online tech campaigns

Job placements

This service is one to ensure that we work as hard as possible to reduce tarmacking among student graduates. It is the efforts of the student to perform and deliver that guarantees them a job and not necessarily us. All we offer is an opportunity for a student to secure the job.

  1. The first type is the short-term job that runs within 1 day to a week. These types of jobs are structured in a way to increase students' experience in various skill-set categories. They can be in different fields and we encourage all students to actively participate in them. This is the beginning of a student growing his/her net-worth by ensuring that she/he is able to maintain and sustain the relationships formed here.
  2. The second type is the long-term job which runs to at least 3 months, in a case where the student is placed under probation. After succeeding through the three months of probation, the contract can either be renewed or terminated, depending on the organization's terms and conditions. Terms and Conditions apply

Eligible Institutions

No. Abbreviation Institution Name Institution Type
1 AUA Adventist University of Africa Public University
2 Africa International University Public University
3 Africa Nazarene University Public University
4 Catholic University of Eastern Africa Public University
5 Chuka University Public University
6 Daystar University Public University
7 University of Nairobi Public University
8 Kenyatta University Public University
9 Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Public University
10 Egerton University Public University
11 Great Lakes University of Kisumu Public University
12 Gretsa University Public University
13 Inoorero University Public University
14 Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology Public University
15 Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Public University
16 Kabarak University Public University
17 Karatina University Public University
18 KCA University Public University
19 Kenya Highlands Evangelical University Public University
20 Kenya Methodist University Public University
21 Kibabii University Public University
22 Kiriri Women's University of Science and Technology Public University
23 Kisii University Public University
24 Laikipia University Public University
25 Lukenya University Public University
26 Maasai Mara University Public University
27 Management University of Africa Public University
28 Maseno University Public University
29 Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Public University
30 Meru University of Science and Technology Public University
31 Moi University Public University
32 Mount Kenya University Public University
33 Multimedia University of Kenya Public University
34 Pan Africa Christian University Public University
35 Pioneer International University Public University
36 Pwani University Public University
37 Riara University Public University
38 Scott Christian University Public University
39 South Eastern Kenya University Public University
40 St. Paul's University Public University
41 Strathmore University Public University
42 Technical University of Kenya Public University
43 Technical University of Mombasa Public University
44 The East African University Public University
45 The Presbyterian University of East Africa Public University
46 Umma University Public University
47 United States International University Public University
48 University of Eastern Africa, Baraton Public University
49 University of Eldoret Public University
50 University of Kabianga Public University
51 Zetech University Public University

Not Yet Sure? Let Us Help

By Responding To A few Questions

Did you know that Kenya's Unemployment Rate Hits 39.1 % against a large and growing population of unemployed people especially the youth? There must be a way out. Learn how to sharpen your skills and add to your skill sets by making yourself employable.
What are you doing wrong? Why are employers seeming uninterested in taking you up? Is your CV eligible enough? Or is it just your etiquette? Sit through mock interviews to find out the way around interviews.
How much is too much? Haba na haba hujaza kibaba. Do you know that youths and most especially students are the richest population in Kenya? Well you could be the richest, if you better planned for finances. Learn about budgeting, saving, investments and so much more.

Feel free to get in touch with any enquiries or questions and one of our members will get back to you as soon as possible !

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Meet Uniscoo Core Team

We Love It Here. You Will, Too.

Jed Ondiko

Team Honcho

Jed started up UNISCOO in the year 2011 with a primary focus of championing student agenda to reach their goal. He is a former student of University of Nairobi under the course Bachelor of Economics, and a former student of Strathmore University. He is currently dedicated to serving students through to exploiting available opportunities and resources to educate students about money and careers - all the important stuff we should have learnt from school. jedondiko@uniscoo.org

Jed Ondiko

Team Honcho

Alpha Oduor

Ops Guy

Alpha is an Economics graduate from The University of Nairobi. Efficiency and effectiveness are his obsession He joined the team on a full time basis in 2015 with an initiative to empower students through careers and careers related activities. In addition to coordinating UNISCOO Programs, he is charged with keeping the team in check on financial matters, as well as spearheading students' financial literacy. alpha@uniscoo.org

Alpha Oduor

Ops Guy

Comms Chic

Comms Chic

Joy joined the team as a communicator in May 2013, as a beneficiary of UNISCOO career programs. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Public Relations and has since been part of the team as the Head of Membership handling and managing communications with students and other clients. She is the go-to-guy for all your membership inquiries. joyloise@uniscoo.org

Joy Loise Karimi

Comms Chic

Saada Hassan

Media Geek

Saada Hassan is a calm awesome lady who first joined UNISCOO in 2016. She has an education background in Applied Communication at Multimedia University of Kenya. For a year now, she has handled UNISCOO media, to care for social media, blog media and most of all a fanatic for videography. You have got to love her.

Saada Hassan

Media Geek

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