We endow students with exploited opportunities which inspire, empower and culture them for achievement of career, financial and relationship goals.

UNISCOO was founded in the year 2011 by Jed, in the company of a few intelligent friends. Our membership has increased overtime to cover a student base of 200,000+ members from East Africa. We are working to ensure that all students in Africa have a representation in UNISCOO and that all their needs are easily addressed through this platform. So far UNISCOO has been involved in identifiable success stories: Top 25 under 25 awards, Over 90 job placements and internships and HealthCare Innovation Challenge.

Team Honcho Jed Ondiko

Jed started up UNISCOO in the year 2011 with a primary focus of championing student agenda to reach their goal. He is a former student of University of Nairobi under the course Bachelor of Economics, and a former student of Strathmore University. He is currently dedicated to serving students through to exploiting available opportunities and resources to educate students about money and careers - all the important stuff we should have learnt from school. Contact Him: jedondiko@uniscoo.org

Ops Guy Alpha Oduor

Alpha is an Economics graduate from The University of Nairobi. Efficiency and effectiveness are his obsession He joined the team on a full time basis in 2015 with an initiative to empower students through careers and careers related activities. In addition to coordinating UNISCOO Programs, he is charged with keeping the team in check on financial matters, as well as spearheading students' financial literacy. Reach Him: alpha@uniscoo.org

Head of Membership Joy Loise Karimi

Joy joined the team as a communicator in May 2013, as a beneficiary of UNISCOO career programs. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Public Relations and has since been part of the team as the Head of Membership handling and managing communications with students and other clients. She is the go-to-guy for all your membership inquiries. Interact with her: joyloise@uniscoo.org

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