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What Employers Look For

Jul 25, 2017 Posted by: admin

This week we look at what employers really look for. Once your application has gone through and you have been called for that interview what key points will the panel focus on while addressing you and also what points will they need to see written on your curriculum vitae just to prove that you are the ideal candidate.

After consultation with a Hr personnel and research, this article is an ideal detail of what employers look for.

Leadership skills

Have you ever led a group of people in doing things or taken it as your responsibility to achieve something extra-ordinary? You don’t have to have been a manager before to posses such skill but what particular action have you done that out-stands you from the rest? It could be you led a team of engineers to come up with a model of building something that is eco-friendly and of impor

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My Ears My Networth

Aug 03, 2017 Posted by: Joy

We young people have a tendency to listen to so much that we barely keep track of how much information we access in a day. Ideally, if it have sound, can be loud enough, we are a hundred percent on board.

But did you know that any information you hear directly relays on your brain? This means that whatever you do and believe in, you have probably heard.

Where is it that you are found where the information you collect is beneficial to you both shot-term and long-term? Who are you hanging out with? What are your conversations based on? Who would want to listen to what you have to say?

It is about time that we the young people create value in our content, enough to summon kings and leaders in a round table to listen. Listen to what builds you and makes you stronger. You are as wise as the words you speak! Go deeper into your thoughts by opening your ears to only what is a ladder to

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Aug 04, 2017 Posted by: admin

What is your profession? Are you proficient in it? Are you sure?

In your field of study, where do you plan to get a job after finishing school? Or perhaps you already are into entrepreneurship. What is your career goal? Is it written down on pen and paper? Well here is some truth for you - once you are out there, everything is different. Don't be shaken though; even with the disappointments, it is clear that we young people are experiencing quite a challenge once we hit the job market.

It’s now written all over your face; disappointment! But don't take it along with you - if you really want to succeed.

Hook yourself up with the right skills, be among the right people, doing the right things and at this point, you are sure of your proficiency in your profession. Make sure you become a hotcake in unsearchable ways where every employer will look to empl

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Aug 21, 2017 Posted by: admin

found out that most of all success stories began with “I” and ended at “us”. We all want to make a name for ourselves by trying really hard to reach beyond what we have at the moment, but soon enough you will realize you cannot by on your own.

As a key principle, we at UNISCOO use this basic understanding to drive young people into their success stories. Our programmes are focused on building, growing and ultimately showcasing youths. Why then would you feel misrepresented or even unrepresented, yet an entire community is united to make yours a better story?

If you think you have a tough journey, you haven't met enough people in your life. If you meet no one wants to interact with you, You haven't networked enough. Bottom line is, there is something you can do right now that can turn your who situation around.

We all have a story to tell, but we are only want to share it when they ar

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How to make money while in campus

Aug 21, 2017 Posted by: admin

I need money is an overrated phrase that we use every day. ‘We’ means everyone even you who is reading this article today because money is an essential commodity in life. As a youth in campus, I understand you need money to maintain a good lifestyle, eat good meals forget about the food in the mess, pay for your accommodation, cater for the many photocopies and research materials you’ll need to buy and not forgetting have some little cash left to spend during the weekend.

That is why there is a solution on how you can make money while in campus.

Artistic projects.

I recently discovered that a model done by engineering students can sell well depending on your client. It can be a building model or anything that can sell. How about coming up with personalized gifts or bags even cards.

Tuck shops

I’m sure you’ve seen guys in campus who run shops or even small hotels where you buy most of your th

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What might annoy your potential employer

Aug 21, 2017 Posted by: admin

You have everything well figured out, from that two piece suit to well polished shoes while for ladies a perfect fitting suit and heels. Sound cool right. What about the small nitty gritty things that might upset your potential employer.

Out of experience and research, there are few things that really matter and may deny one their dream job.

Your social media handles

Everything is currently digital and there is little need for a hardcopy CV if I can find all your details on face book, twitter or instagram. It doesn’t necessarily have to be job oriented but your lifestyle will tell a lot in regards to your future working in a company. So how clean is your social media handle?

Negative comments about you previous employers or job.

Never at one point should you mention how bad your former employer was or how you were being overworked in the previous job. Yes it may be true but it presents a negative pic

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How would you describe your online presence

Aug 21, 2017 Posted by: admin

Like it or not, your curriculum vitae can be built or generated from your online platforms or rather online presence. It doesn't sound realistic right, but truth be told your network is your net-worth and the nitty gritty details posted online will reflect a true you. The internet never forgets.

It is a common trend nowadays for the Hr or the panel interviewing a potential employee to have a laptop or a desktop around and as one is being interviewed someone else is checking out your profile whether on Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter, Instagram among many other sites. One may term it unfair because some say that your social life is not related to your work life but it's not entirely 100% correct.

Your online presence expresses your true self in a platform where no one can control you, basically freedom is what I'm talking about. This narrows down to how you will behave or act in a job environment and that is why most employers screen their candidates to get the finer detail

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Internships or Not

Aug 22, 2017 Posted by: admin

Finishing campus and diving into the industry sounds fun, actually cool is the word. Having your own freedom and ability to purchase all that you ever wanted and still have enough finances to invest in your dream home. A perfect plan right there, but let me take you back to reality, your resume. Does it reflect any experience that can appeal to an employer and assure an employer that you are fit to handle a project because you have done it before ?

That brings me to Internships. Straight from campus, it is clear enough that you have been studying extra hard all those years to get that certificate but apart from that what have you been doing alongside that can be termed as experience?

Employers are seeking people who have had experience and internships account for this experience, you know why?

Internships place you higher on the weighing scale compared to your counterparts because;

  1. You get experience

I wouldn't assure you that you will not se

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5 easy way to keep you brain productive

Aug 25, 2017 Posted by: admin

It may be an easy path, but that doesn't mean it should be taken easy. The reason as to why you may feel a little lazy in the week or the day could be attributed to a skip of some or even all of the 5 easy ways.

  • Shower - do you know that your body really craves for a shower? Even in the cold season! A shower is a really good way for you to jump-start your day especially for the early rises. It keeps you awake and fresh for the day's activities. A shower is also a really awesome way to relax, especially following a long workout or a long work day. Think of it as a way to say thank you to your body for the love it has shown you throughout the day, by giving it a nice warm cleanup. Please do not forget that the shower allows you to have a few minutes quite time - think of all your dreams and how you actually will reach them #ShowerPossible


  • Find You

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Habits University Students Must quit NOW

Aug 29, 2017 Posted by: Joy

I know we all have peculiar habits we are willing to defend with our lives. But truth be told, most of the habits we have are only ones to drain every drop of blood from our futures. We need to get to a place that the habits we have, have shaped us enough to qualify for internships without having to go through way too much scrutiny. We need to be at a place where employers can readily connect with us at first sight and readily absorb us into their organizations. We need to get a place where our relationships are sailing in the same direction as our lives, especially while still in campus.

1. Doing drugs - for the record, this includes alcohol. Some devil went into the universities and led to young innocent students that doing drugs is cool. You will see most of them in trenches and sewage having drunk their night away. You will see them on Instagram and Facebook with pictures on how shisha went well last night and how their

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